Default encoding on

I’d like to set Thai to be my default language in but I couldn’t find where to set it in Mail preference . So I did a little google and found the solution is very simple. In my case, Thai can use either Windows-874 and TIS-620. Here is the command that I run on Terminal and it works pretty well.

defaults write NSPreferredMailCharset “TIS-620”

  • ศิษเฎศ ทองสิมา

    This set is for “outgoing” or “incoming” message krub?

  • Chris

    Thanks for sharing.

    I found if the recipient replied my email with other charset other than TIS-620. The following email will use the recipient charset until I manually change the reply email charset back to TIS-620.

    Do you have any idea to make automatically change back to TIS-620?