Build AppleTV Take2 harddrive

For someone who accidentally formatted or bricked TV hard drive (like I did), here are steps that work for me on Leopard (10.5.4)

  • Either you got new hard drive or bricked hard drive, you got to connect hard drive to you mac
  • Use diskutil list to see your disk partition (we need to know where an TV hard drive is)
  • Here is what proper partitions should look like when you finish (please note /dev/disk1 as you TV hard drive)

  • Then delete and re-create partition table using command below in Terminal

gpt destroy /dev/disk1

gpt create /dev/disk1

  • Now we need to partition harddrive, first create EFI partition

gpt add -b 40 -i 1 -s 409600 -t efi /dev/disk1

  • Then create Apple_Recovery partition

gpt add -b 409640 -i 2 -s 819200 -t 5265636F-7665-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC /dev/disk1

  • Next is OSBoot which is where the OSX fit in

gpt add -b 819240 -i 3 -s 1843200 -t hfs /dev/disk1

  • The last partition is Media which is all the movies and songs are located. This partition you need to fill in the *size* part your self by looking at the end size using command

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk1sudo gpt show /dev/disk1
gpt add -b 1843240 -i 4 -s *size* -t hfs /dev/disk1

  • After partitioning, we need to format OSBoot and Media partition in HFS+ Format

diskutil eraseVolume "Journaled HFS+" OSBoot /dev/disk1s3

diskutil eraseVolume "Journaled HFS+" Media /dev/disk1s4

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk1

  • Now you ready to restore OSBoot partition to working state. Download the latest AppleTV Take 2 software by checking link here
  • Then you can use Disk Utility to easily restore OSBoot partition
  • Set the source to the newly AppleTV image that you just downloaded (2Z694-5428-3.dmg), and drag the OSBoot partition to Destination. After that press “Restore” button.

Picture 1.jpg

  • This process took about 3 minutes, after this step you’re done.
  • Connect TV hard drive back to TV
  • Once you startup the TV, it will create EFI image in TV automatically
  • I did the Factory restore to make sure that everything is working fine.
  • Now your TV is ready to use (and to be hacked ^_^)

Thanks for and for a very useful information.