Downgrade iPhone firmware 2.0 to 1.4

Ok, I am stupid enough to upgrade my iPhone firmware from 1.4 to 2.0 via iTunes. So it took me 2 full days to figure out how to bring my iPhone back to life. Here is how I did.

You absolutely need iTunes 7.5 to restore your firmware 1.4 . I don’t want to mess up with my iTunes on my Mac (of course, because of all my precious music) so I just D/L iTunes 7.5 Windows version and run on Parallel Desktop.

  • On Windows, when you connect your iPhone to iTunes 7.5, it will tell you to restore it. (If you first connect your iPhone with firmware 2.0 to Windows, it might say that your phone is not compatible with this version of iTunes. Dont’ worry about this message, just close the popup)
  • Press Shift + Restore (Option+Restore on Mac) and select 1.4 firmware.
  • When finish, you should get 1015 error (if you don’t try again). Don’t worry about the error. Close your iTunes, the iPhone will stuck in recovery mode.
  • Use iBrickr to kick it out of recovery state.
  • I have to restore 2 times in order to kick it out of recovery mode.
  • This is the most important!!! YOU HAVE TO DOWNGRADE BASE BAND FROM 04.05.04_G to 04.04.05_G
  • I used ZiPhone patch newest version to downgrade baseband (I tried many methods on the internet, none of them work for me)
  • Once you downgrade baseband you should get signal even though you did not do any jailbreak,activate or unlock.
  • Now you can use any method you want to unlock the phone. I used ZiPhone on mac to do everything.

Now I have to keep my iTunes 7.5 on Windows parallel just incase I mess up anything again because now we know that 7.7 have some kind of hacking protection.

UPDATE : iClarified has a very nice tutorial plus video instraction to downgrade the baseband now.

UPDATE2: The Dev-Team released PawnageTool 2.1 which can easily Jailbreak/Activate/Unlock 2.0 firmware. The nice tutorial can be found at iClarified

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