Downgrade iPhone firmware 2.0 to 1.4

Ok, I am stupid enough to upgrade my iPhone firmware from 1.4 to 2.0 via iTunes. So it took me 2 full days to figure out how to bring my iPhone back to life. Here is how I did.

You absolutely need iTunes 7.5 to restore your firmware 1.4 . I don’t want to mess up with my iTunes on my Mac (of course, because of all my precious music) so I just D/L iTunes 7.5 Windows version and run on Parallel Desktop.

  • On Windows, when you connect your iPhone to iTunes 7.5, it will tell you to restore it. (If you first connect your iPhone with firmware 2.0 to Windows, it might say that your phone is not compatible with this version of iTunes. Dont’ worry about this message, just close the popup)
  • Press Shift + Restore (Option+Restore on Mac) and select 1.4 firmware.
  • When finish, you should get 1015 error (if you don’t try again). Don’t worry about the error. Close your iTunes, the iPhone will stuck in recovery mode.
  • Use iBrickr to kick it out of recovery state.
  • I have to restore 2 times in order to kick it out of recovery mode.
  • This is the most important!!! YOU HAVE TO DOWNGRADE BASE BAND FROM 04.05.04_G to 04.04.05_G
  • I used ZiPhone patch newest version to downgrade baseband (I tried many methods on the internet, none of them work for me)
  • Once you downgrade baseband you should get signal even though you did not do any jailbreak,activate or unlock.
  • Now you can use any method you want to unlock the phone. I used ZiPhone on mac to do everything.

Now I have to keep my iTunes 7.5 on Windows parallel just incase I mess up anything again because now we know that 7.7 have some kind of hacking protection.

UPDATE : iClarified has a very nice tutorial plus video instraction to downgrade the baseband now.

UPDATE2: The Dev-Team released PawnageTool 2.1 which can easily Jailbreak/Activate/Unlock 2.0 firmware. The nice tutorial can be found at iClarified

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  • You guys don’t need to downgrade baseband anymore. The Dev-Team just released PwnageTool 2.0 at

    Now we just upgrade to 2.0 and unlock it ^_^
    I found the good instruction here

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  • seya

    bro, i did everything and reached the part where iTunes gave an error and said the phone can not be restored. Now im trying to kick it out of recovery using ibrickr but its not detecting the iPhone. I tried so many times. please help!

  • What is the error number? (it should be in 1015 not 16xx)

    and what is the color of your iPhone screen when you are using ibrickr? (it should be green not red)

  • tango

    ive just got my iphone in the mail supposely jailbroken and working but i couldnt turn it on. the screen showed apple logo followed by itunes. i contact he past owner who said he dowgraded form 2.0 to 1.1.4 using ijailbreak. there was no remedy, i had to restore it to 1.1.4 and tehn used ziphone. the error in itunes was 1015 even when the original band was 04.04.05. any ideas why? what that error means? would this carry more problems int he future?

  • it works but you really have to make sure i tunes is not running… i used the (one click) unlocker and it took two boots in MS dos to unlock it after recovery mode. if anyone wants to unlock any 1.2-1.4 I have the software to do it

  • Erwin

    Thanks god, It’s work fine. Just need some patient.

  • smokin

    i dont know if i am doing this right but i keep gettin an error message 20 i hold both button down and once the screen goes blank i let it go and keep holding the home button but itunes does not reconize my phone. i need help please

  • Smokin, What is your iTunes version? Error 20 usually come from iTunes 7.7. Please downgrade to iTunes 7.5

  • BBoy

    ” The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (20). ” wiht iTunes 7.5!!

    What does this (20) error means exactly? Somebody know the meaning of this error message?

  • Zday

    pls help me i came across with a problem. i came until ibrckr then i opened it it says boot phone i clicked it my iphone turned green and it says if red thats ok but if its green u need to restore it from itunes. here is the problem when i click the itunes restore says software for this iphone is not currently available.make sure the u have the latest version of itunes and try again.what sould i do pls helpppppppppppppp

  • You have to restore twice in order to kick it out of recovering mode with iBrickr.

  • mazino

    I have some really sad problem with my iPhone!! It gets stuck evrytime it uses the accelerometer!!! Or the iPod!!! Or the internet!! And it just gets stuck!! I was on 2.0 when I bought it!! And I downgraded to 1.1.4 to solve this problem.. But no result!! I on deep shit!!! Plz some1 help!! I want a solution pleeeezzzz help me guys!!!

  • john

    i downloaded and followed every step but i get no signal please help
    email me

  • john

    darwing can you email me the software or gimme a link to it?

  • Pascal

    you get to be called GOD!!!!! thank you so much

  • Lee

    Right I Done All Of It But When Sim Card In I Can’t Get A Signal N It Doesn’t Show Sims Installed What Now?

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  • the_KING

    you rock man!!! i spent fuckin’ 2 days over it. did lottssaa things. i juss cudnt downgrade ma baseband from v. 04.05.04_G. !!! but after readin so many positive responses in ur blog gave it another shot. and yeahh the ziphone link u provided workd for me..

    thanx man!

  • the_KING

    do you know how to unlock iphone 3G??? pls lemme knw bout it!

  • zaheer

    Dear All i have upgrad my iphone via itune 8.0
    so it has again locked.i was not know that is a big mistake.
    so now if any one know to solve this problem .pleas guide us to all
    how can i downgrad it again

  • Bling

    OH MY GOD…….. U SAVED another ass…… Upgraded my 1.1.4 to 2.0.2 last night and was stupid enough. really works and downgraded my baseband to 04.03.13_G. just did it so will post if its giving me any problem. thanks man. Many thanks to Zibri too. Ciao

  • bhenn

    hi…i tried it from restore and it entered recovery but after it extracted the 1.4 firmware it gave me an error 20 not 1015! then i’m stuck from there? and what should ibrkr do? it doesn’t detect the iphone after itunes gave that error 20…?? huhuhu….

  • franco

    bhenn let me know if sombody help with the error 20 I have the same and nobody cares !!!!

  • George

    You just saved my ass and gave a solution to a problem I had for 2 days now… I tried to update unsuccessfully from 1.1.4 to 2.1 and when I tried to downgrade back to 1.1.4 I couldn’t get a signal whatever I tried. The solution provided by you worked from the 1st time!!!!!! Many Thanks

  • ramon

    Hi i upgraded my iPhone to 2.0.0 and unlock it with PWN it was working, but i tried to downgrade it, iTunes (7.5) give me an Error 20, and it cannot be downgraded, i used the ZiPhone to tried to downgrade the baseband and then restore it with the 1.1.4 restore software but i have this message Searching for iPhone…
    USBMuxListenerCreate: Permission denied, and my iPhone no has a picture of a guy with his hands up sayiing something like this, npebeA!!, what can i do, i hope you can help me out with this!!

  • Vinod

    Dear All i have upgraded my iphone via itune 8.0
    so it has again locked.i was not know that is a big mistake.
    so now if any one know to solve this problem .pleas guide us to all
    how can i downgrade it again

  • Gerard

    Hey guys,
    I upgraded to 2.0 two days ago and ever since ive been trying to get my phone fixed back.

    I have got up to the stage of restoring it to 1.1.4 but now im sstuck lol.
    I have downloaded ziphone patched by kiremk.
    Im using iTunes 7.5
    My iPhone is in DFU mode i think but whenever i open up ziphone pathced and check “Downgrade baseband” and “Debug boot” the program automatically closes and nothing happens.

    Can someone shed some light, i just bought my iphone from someone on ebay and it was unlocked (initally version 1.0.2)

    Any help please!
    Im so scared of my iphone being useless to me :O 🙁


  • Gerard

    I was on 1.0.2 and clicked update on itunes to get to 2.0 i think.
    nmy phone was unlocked and worked fine beforehand.

    I have now got my phone to version 1.1.4 but apparently ive to downgrade baseband. I have d/L ziphone patched but whenever i select debug and downgrade baseband and then press start it just exits ziphone patched and nothin happens!

    can someone help me? im really stuck and scared ill lose my iphone

    thanks guys

  • Gerard,

    I recommend you to upgrade to the latest version 2.1 (at the moment) and use the latest version of QuickPwn [] to unlock it.

  • shaq

    i was stuck on this for a whole day and was finally able to bypass it and unlocked, jailbreaked my iphone. here’s what to do. GO TO THIS WEBSITE AND HE’LL EXPLAIN EVERYTHING TO YOU!!! JUST MAKE SURE YOUR IPHONE DOESN’T SHOW THE USB AND ITUNES LOGO, WHEN YOU HOLD DOWN THE POWER AND HOME BUTTON!! EMAIL ME IF YOU’RE STILL HAVING TROUBLE.

  • Issak

    So I put my iphone into DFU mode so that itunes 7.5 will restore the firmware, and now it’s just hanging on the “Restoring iphone firmware…” process. The apple boot logo is there with the spinning circle at the bottom. Does this process take hella long or should I just unplug it and try it again? Thank you so much

  • well.. it’s like I knew!

  • Sib

    hey, does this also work on the iPhone 3G 3.0 ??? i need to downgrade my baseband which is 04.05.04_G but i don’t know how to do that…
    please help!

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