Legitimate unlock 3G iPhone in Australia

I have been waiting for Dev-Team to release software to unlock 3G iPhone for a few months, but now I can’t wait any longer. Therefore, I decide to call Telstra to unlock my iPhone since it’s very annoying to wait for Dev-Team to release unlocking software every iPhone firmware update. The process is much easier than I though and worth $150 I spent. Here is a procedure:

  • Call 1800 782 489
  • The operator will redirect us to the automatic credit card processing to pay $150
  • After we paid, the operator will ask the IMEI number of your iPhone (Setting>General>About) to unlock it.
  • Done, the process will take at most 72 hours so I reckon we should check every 12 hours. (in my case it took 24 hours)

    How to check? (Restore)

    • Change SIM card to the one that we want to use with unlocked iPhone.
    • Connect to iTunes, press home+power button for 10 seconds then release power button while holding home button
    • iTunes will ask to restore iPhone, proceed with restore process.
    • If your iPhone is unlocked, iTunes will activate you iPhone to the new service. Otherwise, please keep trying.

    So my guess is, iTunes compares our iPhone IMEI number to Apple data for unlocking purpose. If your IMEI is not locked with specific provider, you’re free to use iPhone with any provider.

    • Nesrine

      Can I use them for an iPhone here in the UK?

    • Sorry mate, I don’t think this will work on UK iPhone.

      However, have you heard of Yellow Snow http://www.quickpwn.com/. It’s the best way to go now.

    • i want imei unlock my iphone 3g 16gb

    • thanks for your post,great info.

    • rafeal

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    • i really like this kind of stuff.