Watch NBA live on Mac

It’s playoff 2009 but ESPN or Starsport don’t have much of my favorite team, Cleveland Cavaliers  on their program. I used to have NBA broadband league pass but right now it’s not available in my area. Therefore, I did a little research and found out that I can get the live stream using Sopcast program to watch NBA live and also other sports such as NFL on my Mac with a little modification. Here is what I did,

1. Download Darwin in order to run Windows application on Mac.
2. Drag Darwin app into Application, and then open WinHelper in Application > Darwin
3. Download Sopcast, and then install using WineHelper
4. Download MPlayer and install this app.
5. Open Sopcast and put the stream URL for the game you want to see from MyP2P forum or NBA Live
6. Open MPlayer goto File > Open location and put the URL mms:// (if 8902 doesn’t work, try 8903 or 8912)
7. Done, now the live NBA should be running on MPlayer.

PS. 1. X11 (in Apple install disc) is needed to be installed prior to Darwin
2. If the CPU usage is too high, we might need to kill WineHelper process. Here is how

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  • Derek

    Not sure anybody will ever see this but… Does this method still work?

  • Arm

    It has been a very long time since I use this method. At the moment, I’m going to this site instead