Fix contact doesn’t recognize in unlocked iPhone using Gevey sim

My friends just got AT&T iPhones from the US. They couldn’t unlock them via software because  their baseband doesn’t supported. The good new is Gevey Sim can unlock unsupported baseband. My friend went with this solution. It works great but there is a problem of contact doesn’t recognize. iPhone doesn’t show the caller name, just display the caller number. Here is how I fix their iPhone.

1. Go to ” Settings/General/International/Region Format/ ” and select your region

2. Downlosds files ” ”  from here

3. Put this file at ” /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/”

4. Restart iPhone

  • Download from where?

  • Anonymous
  • Thanks a lot. I will try it tomorrow for 4.3.2 iPhone 4 unlocked with gevey.

  • wenn

    it didnt work for me

  • Rudyacev

    what if my region is not supported? im from bolivia and i still have this problem

  • Look like this work only for my “Thai” region.

  • As I already mention below. It only works with supported region. I suggest you should mod the config file to support your region then.

  • Sherif Osama

    it works with me just for 10 mins, then it goes back to its normal state.
    pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeee answer me asap..

  • Masudhkhalid

    I tried this and now it recognize the caller. But I got another problem. As I changed to my region “Kuwait” under Arabic. Now my calender and other display changed to Arabic. I want all display in English. What is solution for this?

  • Kimi Mari

    how can i explore the iphone files to copy there?

  • 123

    nice solution , my iphone is 5.0.1 + 4.10.01 + gevey sim = contact name not show , now are fix ~~ thanks

  • Anonymous

    where to put this file, on iTunes or iPhone. I dont know for where is this link?

  • MsYamamoto

    It works but the problem is, every time I add the plist, in few minutes, it goes back to the default country.