DIY bedside table

I got the inspiration from SANDHOG of Ikea bedside table for this DIY table.

What I want?

A bed side table for my iPhone and Apple Watch with the charging cable hide inside this table.

What you need:

  1. Paper Bucket: I got this bucket for $3 USD10224822_0 faad9711430acba5166dd16b23052057


2. Paper Clippaperclip2

3. Extension Power BoardBEBSV804AU_belkin_8_outlet_with_2_usb_ports_2_4a_and_2m_cord

4. Plastic Mat variera-drawer-mat-white__23132_PE099993_S4

So, the total budget is around $10 USD.

How I made it?


  1. Cut two holes with scissors on the near top and bottom of paper bucket for the power cable.

Screenshot_3_24_2559_BE__9_42_AM Screenshot_3_24_2559_BE__9_44_AM

2. Use the paper clip to hang the extension power board inside the bucket.

Screenshot_3_24_2559_BE__9_45_AM Screenshot_3_24_2559_BE__9_46_AM

3. Done! I put a round plastic mat on the top of the table to prevent a scratch for my devices. Enjoy ^_^

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