ATOM as my favourite editor for Thai LaTeX document

From Github, Atom is an open source text editor that I’m interested for quite sometimes. In fact, I’ve been using SublimeText for a very long time because I love its speed and functions. The big problem of SublimeText for me is it can’t render Thai character correctly. This is a big deal for me since I once in a while need to write in Thai.

When I first tried out Atom, I really impressed that it can properly show Thai character. After a while, I come to love its community of developers behind it. I have to work with tons of LaTeX documents and I think now Atom is the answer for me.

Here is how I set up the packages to work with LaTex (especially for Thai). Big Thanks to MATTEO MEROLA blog for this guidance of setting LaTex for Atom.

  1. Download and install Atom , of course.
  2. Go to Atom > Preferences and install these packages.
    • language-latex
    • linter-chktex
    • spell-check
    • latexer
    • latex-plus
    • dictionary
    • zen
    • wordcount
    • git-plus
    • project-manager
    • minimap


  3. You’ll need to put the TeX path in the latex-plus setting.
  4. Done! now you can write and compile your LaTeX document.
  5. In order to use Thai, you’ll need to use XeLaTeX.
  6. Set up a new project and create a simple LaTeX document as follow:

  7. \documentclass[a4paper]{book}
    \usepackage[top=25mm, bottom=20mm, left=25mm, right=25mm]{geometry}
    \setmainfont{TH SarabunPSK}
    \newfontfamily{\thaifont}[Script=thai]{TH SarabunPSK}

  8. Now go to Atom menu > Packages > LaTex-Plus > Edit
  9. Thai_pdf_—__Users_Arm_Desktop_testProject

  10. In the program, change to “xelatex”
  11. Thai_tex_—__Users_Arm_Desktop_testProject

  12. Viola! now you can enjoy, writing LaTeX document in Thai ^_^