Regarding Low-Carb diet

A few weeks ago, I came across with a Ketogenic diet group and it looks really promising. This method is similar to Atkin’s Diet by cutting down the carb consumption (the difference between Atkin and Ketones diet can be found here).

Ketosis state

However, the Keto diet aims to put the body in the the ketosis state where the fats are burnt as a source of energy instead of carbohydrates. In addition, Keto people must consume a high amount of fat (good fat) so the liver can break down the fat cells into fatty acids and ketones. This method is believed to control the blood sugar and minimize the insulin in our body. Keto diet is quite specific on their food consumption (as shown in figure below).

Keto Food List

I tried this Keto diet for a few days. I felt like loosing energy and moody (from the lack of Carb) but it’s really result in weight loss.

Nonetheless, I am curious about the alcohol effect on this Keto diet since I’m a home-brew and beer lover. From my gathered information, beer is not good for low Carb diet because it contains lost of carbohydrates. Basically, you want to avoid anything red, amber or dark.

Amount of Carb in beers

All in all, Keto diet is not for everyone!!! especially who still enjoys the life of taste like me. So, I think I’ll stick with normal low-carb diet and normal exercise (like Atkin’s diet) in order to sustain the state of beer drinking.  Basically, I’ll exercise to compensate my Carb intake from beer.