Swap Control & Command key in Bootcamp

It’s a bad news to me that I have to use Windows for my work because there is no way that I can use “ArcGIS” on my lovely Mac. So I did install Windows XP (no Vista ever of course) and use VMware to run Windows with my Windows partition in Bootcamp.

Now I face the big problem because I used to my Command + C, Command +V …. but in Windows, Control button is used instead. There is no Keyboard mapping in Windows XP (only available in Vista).

What I did is I swap Command key and Control key by edit some registry by following this How to.

However if you don’t need to mess up with registry, I did put the executable “remap” that you can just download and run it on Windows. After reboot, the key will swap for you automatically

UPDATE: I am testing on vmware fusion 2.0 and it works. More info here

UPDATE2: Now I don’t have any problem swapping keys anymore since I have been using Parallel Desktop 4 . So I totally recommend checking out Parallel Desktop instead of VMware fusion.


Favicon & OSX

Favicon is a little icon infront of your URL in the address bar and tab (if your browser supported) . You can see that I have my own picture as my favicon. Here how I did it.

  1. Prepare your image and resize your picture to 16 x 16 pixel using your favorite editor. I prefer ImageTool , it’s free and lightweight.
  2. Now convert your resized image using ImageWell (also free ^_^) to .ico format.

Favicon & OSX

  1. Launch IcoMaker and drag your prepared picture to IcoMaker application.
  2. Save the file as favicon.ico and upload it into the root directory of your website.
  3. Check if you index page has this code in “head” tag
  4. Done ! refresh your page and you will see your lovely favicon ^_^

UPDATE I just found the easiest way to create favicon here. This website can help you create favicon with your own image or you can create your own favicon from scratch.

Default encoding on Mail.app

I’d like to set Thai to be my default language in Mail.app but I couldn’t find where to set it in Mail preference . So I did a little google and found the solution is very simple. In my case, Thai can use either Windows-874 and TIS-620. Here is the command that I run on Terminal and it works pretty well.

defaults write com.apple.mail NSPreferredMailCharset “TIS-620”

Remote AppleTV & Macbook

I really like Apple Remote because of its size and design. Only one drawback, it’s quite difficult to find the combination of the keys to do some tasks such as pair and unpair remote. As a result, I am trying to put up the combinations that I’ve found .

Apple Remote

    * To pair the remote with Macbook : Menu + Select/Play/Pause

    * To unpair the remote with Macbook : Menu + Previou/Rewind

      To pair Apple TV with the included remote

    * Choose Settings from the Apple TV main menu.

    * Choose Pair Remote Control.

You can also press and hold the Menu and Next/Fast-forward buttons for 6 seconds to pair Apple TV and the remote.

To unpair Apple TV with a previously paired remote

   1. Choose Settings from the Apple TV main menu.

   2. Choose Unpair Remote.

When you’ve successfully unpaired the lost remote, Apple TV displays a broken chainlink () symbol above a picture of a remote. You can now pair Apple TV with a new remote.

convert *.rmvb on Mac

One of the hardest things that I was trying to figure out is how to convert Real Media movie to other format since I really hate Real player.


Real player is too slow even though the size of movie is quite small. Finally one day I found a very useful article here


Here is how I did it


    * First of all you’ll need 2 application installed


   1. ffmpegX

   2. Real player (You just need the Codec that come with the program then you can uninstall it later)


    * Once installed go to  Applications folder, control-click on Real Player and choose Show Package Contents.

    * Navigate into Contents/Frameworks/HXClientKit.framework/Helix Plugins/Codecs.

    * Copy all of the Codecs and paste them into the  /Library/Application Support/ffmpegX/reallrib (you’ll need to create reallrib folder)


reallib Now you are ready to convert Real movie (.rmvb or .rm) to any movie of you choice just launched ffmpeg and drag Real movie to the ffmpegX window then choose destination and format that you want to convert to, click “Encode” and you’re done ! now just wait for it to finish.