Push Gmail on your iPhone

I’m a huge fan of Gmail, which can do everything: Checking your other POP mail, forwarding mail etc. The only one functinality that would be killed is “PUSHING”. I think we gonna see it soon, because Yahoo already did it.

I tried to get Gmail to push to my iPhone, with a couple methods (web2mail Exchange server, YahooPush). After hours of experiment, the best method is forwarding Gmail to mobileMe and let Mobile me do the rest.

I have 3 seperate Email accounts so far (2 for my work and one for Google Apps), so I use Gmail to grab all the email into one single email and then use Gmail filter to labeling it. This lables will shows up in Mail App and iPhone Mail IMAP folder as well.

Then I just forward Gmail into my MobileMe account. This instruction is a good start. The trick is I have to set up SMTP for Gmail on iPhone in order to reply back the message via Gmail account.

For serveral other email accounts forwarding to Gmail like me, I have to set up fake POP mail so that I can use it to reply back via relevant email address.

Sync iCal with Google Calendar via CalDAV

I heard about Google supporting CalDAV a couple days ago but I just tried it out today. It’s so cool, just like I’m using IMAP calendar (not pushing though).

Everything you want to know about Google CalDAV and how to set up with iCal can be found at Google Support.

OK, here is how I make it to perfectly synchronize with iCal

  • First you need to set up you calendar in Google Calendar
  • I have setup the label for each calendar on my iCal
  • Check the Calendar of each calendar by going to “Calendar Setting”
Calendar ID
Calendar ID
  • Now go to iCal preperence
iCal setting
iCal setting
  • Now click on “+” sign to add new calendar
  • Put username (your gmail address), password
  • On account URL put “https://www.google.com/calendar/dav/YOUR_CALENDAR_ID/user”
  • Replace “YOUR_CALENDAR_ID” with your Calendar ID from Google Calendar

Done, now you can enjoy the new functionality of syncronizing iCal and Google Calendar. When I add new event in iCal, it will appear on Google Calendar instantenously, so it’s really like “PUSHING”. However, it you create new event on Google Calendar, you need to refresh iCal to see the updated event. Nevertheless, you can set the refreshing time to be in the interval of 1 minute which is almost “PUSHING” also.

I think now my mobileMe calendar and Google Calendar are syncronizing in the same rate. Be careful, mibileMe, if Gmail come put with Push … nobody gonna pay more than $100 a year anymore.