Keynote presentation with iPhone

Picture 2.png

Today I have a keynote presentation for my class but I couldn’t find my Apple Remote, so I think I can use iPhone to control my keynote wirelessly. I did purchased a $1.99 program called “Pointer”, a REMOTE FOR POWERPOINT AND KEYNOTE from iTunes [The developer link] and it worths every penny.

Picture 1.pngThis program did more than just forward the slides. It consists of pointer, timer and presenter note. First thing to do is to install PointerServer (download from developer site mentioned above) on Mac machine, so iPhone can be able to communicate with Mac.

IMG_0003.PNGIMG_0004.PNGAfter launching the pointer on iPhone, it will show the selected Mac (it will not show if PonterServer is not installed). The presentation page shows up once I click on the selected machine. The presentation page consists of Previous, Next button so I can forward/reverse the slides. I can also change the pointer icon or the mode from pointer to cursor. The presentation page also include the presentation note which makes it very easy for me to follow the item, I want to talk about. In addition, the timer on this page is very helpful to control my presentation time.

The pointer can be move by dragging on tilting the iPhone. For me, I think it’s easier to just drag my finger on the iPhone screen to control the pointer. Overall, the software is a must have software for good presentation. Nevertheless, it comes with a drawback, now it works on Keynote 08 and PowerPoint 2004 on Mac OSX Leopard only. I guess the next version will have more features.

PS. The slide image will display on the pointer 1.1 on iPhone.

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