Swap Control & Command key in Bootcamp

It’s a bad news to me that I have to use Windows for my work because there is no way that I can use “ArcGIS” on my lovely Mac. So I did install Windows XP (no Vista ever of course) and use VMware to run Windows with my Windows partition in Bootcamp.

Now I face the big problem because I used to my Command + C, Command +V …. but in Windows, Control button is used instead. There is no Keyboard mapping in Windows XP (only available in Vista).

What I did is I swap Command key and Control key by edit some registry by following this How to.

However if you don’t need to mess up with registry, I did put the executable “remap” that you can just download and run it on Windows. After reboot, the key will swap for you automatically

UPDATE: I am testing on vmware fusion 2.0 and it works. More info here

UPDATE2: Now I don’t have any problem swapping keys anymore since I have been using Parallel Desktop 4 . So I totally recommend checking out Parallel Desktop instead of VMware fusion.